Top 10 Medical Universities in Russia for Indian Students

Top 10 Medical Universities in Russia for Indian Students:

Top Universities in Russia for MBBS programme for Indian Students

    1. Yarolsvl State Medical University:Yaroslavl State Medical University (YSMU) was founded in 1944.  And now it has more than half-a-century history. At present, YSMU is the big regional center of excellent quality medical education and bio-medical research. It is also the leader in medical training and post-graduation education, retraining of specialists of practical healthcare, medicine, pharmacy, and high skilled academic staff for the central regions of Russia.

      At present about 4500 students are studying at YSMU (including foreign students). Medical training and education are conducted by 57 departments that have all the necessary equipment to provide high quality education according to available Russian and international modern standards. At YSMU, there are prepared highly qualified specialists of all local hospitals and medical institutions and professionals from other regions of Russia.

      YSMU have good social facilities and structure (including five hostels, sport centers, student healthcare center, Volga River summer camp, and the garden of medical plants).

    2. Tambov State Medical University : Tambov State Technical University has a long and strong experience in the field of training and offers a great choice of Bachelor, Master, Graduate and Post-graduate programs. .TSTU is on the edge of the science: chemistry, functional and construction materials, nanotechnologies; information systems and information security; energy- and resource-saving; bio-power engineering, new polymer and composite materials, the list of innovative research of TSTU is not completed. .
        At present the university sets the following goals:

      • integration into global educational and research environment;
      • dynamic development of the existing material and hardware potential for successful training and research activities;
      • creation of up-to-date research, engineering centers, laboratories and spinoff companies according to priority research directions.

      Achieving these goals means transformation of Tambov State Technical University to Primary University for Regional Economy, having strategic importance for the region and for the Russian Federation.The ambitious character of new strategy demands a principally new approach to organization of training, research and international activities. I am sure that experienced university teachers, qualified engineering staff, active a

    3. Kursk State Medical University:
      Established in 1935, Kursk State Medical University features in the Top 10 Russian Medical Universities. UNESCO & WHO endorse the degrees offered by Kursk State Medical University as it was one of the first university to offer complete medical training in English language. The university is recognized by various medical councils from across the globe like MCI (India), Australia, UK, USA etc. The primary objective of this premier institution is to provide knowledge to the students and facilitate the mankind in shaping a healthier future.
    4. Crimea State Medical University:
      Simferopol, Crimea houses one of the Top Medical University in Russia, which attracts a lot of Indian students on a yearly basis to impart quality education in the field of General Medicine – Crimea State Medical University. From 1918 to 1998, the university has been transformed at several levels and has now become one of the Top university with 4 th highest accreditation in the field of medicine.
    5. Kemerovo State Medical University
    6. Altai State Medical University
    7. Belgorod State Medical University